Community Rising

Cultural Brokers, Natural Leaders and Community Spaces of Support

Sitting with the Syrian youth group that meets regularly at the MCHB-MFRS Family Support Centre, it is impossible not to be optimistic. These young people are vibrant, gracious and eager to express their aspirations regarding their future. 

Syrian Youth Group & Support Team

It has been an average of two years since they arrived here in Edmonton. In the comfort of this community-loved space, their potential radiates as they talk about their experiences with the group, the appreciation for the space and the team that supports them.

Their progress with English is impressive yet when asked about challenges and goals, they all talk about learning English. 


Like other MFRS supported youth groups, this group gathers for homework support, field trips, group discussions and recreation activities that support them in integration.

Having a community space of support and belonging is critical to enabling activities and community to develop. The Family Support Centre has been nurtured by the committment and care of  community, and its impact on these young people in their settlement and integration journeys is undeniable. 

MFRS supports many ethnocultural communities - Bhutanese, Nepali, Afghani, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Kurdish, Iraqi, Filipino, Sudanese, Somali, Vietnamese, former Yugoslavian, Chinese, Eastern European, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Karen, Oromo, and Syrian - with community space, programming resources and cultural brokering support that nurtures the natural rise of community health and resilience.